Soraa – Light bulbs

Soraa – Light bulbs


Have you ever considered a different type of lighting? If so, you may just fall in love with Soraa. These light bulbs are so different, but in a good way! When I added them to the inside of our home, I was amazed! The natural light really changed the way we saw things in our home. I wanted to share with you a little more about Saraa and how this brand of light bulbs can help you see things differently.


Lighting Solutions

Soraa doesn’t just fit a residential need for the right light. This company has dived into every single place that light can do some good. Soraa has dived into the following markets and found success.

  • Museum
  • Restaurant
  • Retail/Commercial
  • Residential
  • Hospitality


Nature’s Light

You all know that I love enjoying spending time outdoors. In the winter, it can be too cold to get outside, but I try hard anyways. Well, Soraa helps to bring natural light indoors! They truly make light something to experience.


The lighting that Soraa provides is in a multitude of places, many of which you have probably stepped foot in. The quality of light is unmatched, making spaces amazing in so many ways!


Light Matters

I took this snippet from the Soraa website because I feel like it explains the type of light we’re dealing with.


Soraa pioneered full spectrum color rendering LED light, the heart of which is our proprietary LED technology manufactured in California, a technological breakthrough that we further enhance by focusing on every aspect of producing the most natural light possible.


What started with lamps has taken off and now Soraa has expanded its offerings. You will see Soraa in all light spaces including professional lamps, directional luminaries, consumer lamps, and more.


Head to Soraa website to check out what they have to offer! You may just discover your next lightbulb.


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