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Down With Adventure with Melody Forsyth

Melody Forsyth, who runs the Instagram account @downwithadventure, is the guest on today’s show. Kathy has been following her for a long time and loves how she advocates for getting children outdoors. Melody has four kids, aged three, nine, eleven, and eighteen. The youngest, Ruby, is diagnosed with down syndrome.

Melody found out during her pregnancy and was upset, as most people initially are. She is a nurse, so she understood the medical aspect and that worried her the most. She really thought that her family’s life was over. However, seeing another family, which included a child with down syndrome, heading to a national park made her suddenly realize that her family didn’t have to change anything.

Melody made a goal of seeing all the national parks along with Ruby, and they have seen twenty-four so far. The whole situation has brought a lot of purpose to the whole family.

Kathy asks Melody what she wishes people knew about Ruby, and the answer is that she wishes they knew Ruby was capable of so many things. Melody also discusses how she expects Ruby to be treated like everyone else, both inside and out of the home. There is nothing that makes Melody happier than hearing about other families getting inspired by her story.









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