Winter Activities Near Sioux Falls, South Dakota

My extended family lives in Sioux Falls, SD.  As a native to Minnesotan, I realize it takes someone who is adventurous about winter activities to visit this region in the winter.  My toddler and I went to visit in January and I have some recommendations for winter activities for kiddos.  If you ever make it to Eastern SD you will likely end up near Sioux Falls.

Outdoor Options:

  1. Sledding- Such a fun activity at any age.  When you google “sledding hills in Sioux Falls,” which we did, you will find Tuthill Park.  Tuthill did not disappoint.  It has a huge and steep hill for those who like a thrill.  I tried to large hill once and it was a blast!  If you are focused on extra safety, wear a helmet.  The snow tends to have a layer of ice over it, which makes the run very fun!  There are also several very small hills surrounding the larger one.  My 3 year old loved the little hill on her own and could easily walk up on her own.
  2. Ice Skating- Mid-westerners are hockey fans for a reason.  Most of the year is covered in snow and ice.  Indoor rinks exist, but true winter adventures means you are outdoors, skating on bumpy ice with snow drifts on every side.  If you are looking for outdoor ice skating Mckennen Park Ice Skating Rink is the place to be.  It is spacious which leaves little concern for little kiddos bumping into experienced skaters.  You can also find junior hockey games here.
  3. Ice Fishing – With so many lakes, fishing as a sport is very popular.  Nothing is better than lake fresh fish during any season.  With the early sunset, cozy up in an ice fishing hut during the evening hours for a bit of fun.  I recommend this for slightly older kids who can be occupied and patient enough to sit in a smaller ice hut for awhile.  Bring some hot cocoa and you are all set.  The best place to ice fish in the area is Catfish Bay.


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