Granby Lake Colorado

Colorado has many alpine lakes and streams that are refreshing during a rocky mountain hike and camping trip.  Many people are brave enough to swim in these bodies of water when it is the heat of summer and the cool dip is refreshing.  Personally, staying in the cold water is not something I can do for long.

Being from Minnesota (the land of 10,000 lakes) I often miss leisurely enjoying the water.  I grew up with summer days on the lake, canoeing and kayaking.  After I moved to CO I heard about Granby Lake and knew I had to explore it.

Granby Lake is not only the third largest body of water, but also sits just west of the Continental Divide and near Rocky Mountain National Park, with truly breathtaking views.  My favorite land spot on Granby Lake is Sunset Point.  Not only is it located off the highway (many coves are directly on the highway and can feel busy), Sunset Point is surrounded by water and a great place to watch the sunset and camp at Sunset Point Campground.  Spots at the campground tend to fill up fast, so don’t forget to make a reservation during the busy summer months.

Being a canoe lover, I love to paddle out to another body of land to “dock” to take a break, eat some food and even just into the water.  I highly recommend paddling out to Deer Island and Harvey Island which can easily be access from Sunset Point.  If you are coming from the Eastern part of the lake, I highly recommend Shelter Island.  Shelter Island is close to shore, but avoids many of the motorized boats found on the lake.

Next on my bucket list for Granby Lake is to stand up paddle boarding.  I can’t believe I haven’t tried it yet, and find many rental places for a paddle board.  I think I might even be brave and bring one of my dogs along. :)  I definitely recommend adding Granby Lake to your next CO adventure!


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