🎙️ Podcast: 365 Mile Challenge

Join us for the 365 Mile Challenge

This episode is dedicated to the upcoming 365 Mile Challenge, which is about to start its third year. Kathy introduces us to the people involved behind the scenes: Alyssa Erickson, Jess Curren, and Amelia Mayer.

What is the 365 Mile Challenge?

Kathy speaks with each one about different aspects of the challenge. First, Alyssa gives an overview of what the challenge entails. Alyssa recently created a video for the challenge, so she shares what her specific motivations were to complete this project.


How do I register for the 365 Mile Challenge?

We then hear from Jess, who begins by telling us about how the registration levels have changed for the better in this year’s installment of the challenge. She also talks about the perks included in each level and how to register. Amelia is next to be welcomed to the show, and she starts her segment by describing what happens once we sign up for the 365 Mile Challenge.

What happens after I register for the 365 Mile Challenge?

Amelia then provides insight from her own experience about how to keep a good pace throughout the whole year and avoid getting burnt out. She then talks about the Facebook group for the event, the special discussions that happen on Mondays, and how to track progress.

Register for the 365 Mile Challenge:




Amelia Mayer:

Tales of A Mountain Mama https://talesofamountainmama.com

Alyssa Erickson:

The Kid Project https://kidproject.org

Jess Curren:

Currently Wandering https://currentlywandering.com

Kathy Dalton:

Go Adventure Mom











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