🎙️ Podcast: Answering Your Biggest Holiday Challenges

Talese Fernbach joins Kathy in this episode to talk about the biggest challenges that we have right now in the holiday season, as gathered from voice messages and direct messages sent to Kathy from podcast listeners.

First up is a caller who says that she is having trouble staying organized with all the Christmas parties, gift giving, and so on happening with her three daughters who attend separate schools. Talese answers with three questions to ask ourselves when we are feeling overwhelmed.

The second message is from a listener who dreads Christmas because of all the different things she needs to do, which causes Talese to talk about simplification. Next up is a listener who has difficulty saying “no” to invitations and requests, so Talese talks about how setting boundaries enables us to respect ourselves.

The fourth message asks about finding time to do everything in time for the holidays, which relates back to the three questions Talese says we should ask ourselves. Finally, a listener wants to know about how to communicate in a personal way that expresses love. Kathy and Talese then share their closing thoughts on how to get the most out of the holiday season.







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