What it means to Live Big with Ajit Nawalkha

What it means to Live Big with Ajit Nawalkha

Author Ajit Nawalkha shares his new book

Today’s guest is Ajit Nawalkha, author of The Book of Coaching for Extraordinary Coaches. He is on a mission to impact billions of lives and tells us how he wants to accomplish this feat.

Growing up in India

Ajit discusses what it was like to grow up in India in a house with 23 other people while crediting his willingness to take risks to that situation. He was also inspired by teachers at his school when he was younger and saw them as coaches.

When Ajit was growing his company, he realized that he had achieved the abundance that he had always wanted but not the life that he had always wanted; he didn’t have enough relationships or freedom. This caused Ajit to want to support the people who supported him on his journey and gave him the idea to help through coaching.


Ajit talks about how Evercoach was then founded because of these influences. We hear about how the pursuit of freedom often causes us to become even more caught up in work and that Ajit’s new book, Live Big, is largely based on this outlook.

Live Big

He shares how we can leave behind outdated beliefs by questioning them and thinking deeply about them. To conclude, Ajit speaks more about Live Big and how it can help entrepreneurs.








The Book of Coaching https://amzn.to/2SjJrhV 



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