Become Psychologically Sound

In the field of psychology, we can become psychologically sound and experience some of our best life performances when three feelings are addressed. These feelings are the feelings of being safe, connected and satisfied.

  • Safe can look hover you’d like it to. It can be your home, your bedroom or even having money in your savings account.
  • Connected means to become conscious of the people you love and the people that love you, including self- love.
  • Satisfied are the things you’re grateful for.

When we sit quietly, and focus on these three feelings separately, our mind becomes more relaxed and free, allowing us to focus more clearly on ourselves and our life performance.

External Forces Pushing In

As moms, we tend to have a life filled with to do’s, worries, tasks and an I’m not enough feeling that’s constantly pulling us to focus externally and outside of ourselves. Other external focuses can be as simple as taking a shower, cleaning the spit off of our clothes, the clutter of toys on the floor, the dirty house or paying the bills. As moms, centering our thoughts around feeling safe, connected and satisfied can reel our focus in and help us to get an internal grasp on gratitude.

Start Within

Gratitude really starts from within and can then flourish even more powerfully out to our world of motherhood. When working with clients that tend to always list external things and external forces that they’re grateful for, I have them go inward and become thankful for their beating heart, muscles, bones and cells and then the activities those things allow them to do. I often recommend this exercise be done whenever feeling overwhelmed or anxious.     

Internal Gratitude

Internal gratitude is like a vaccine against all the negativity and anxiety we feel as we become overwhelmed, fatigued and feel hopeless amongst the pile of mom duties. Gratitude is a reinforcing structure to incorporate in our life as moms to provide a warm fuzzy to combat our internal and external challenges. At the Fit Mind Fit Body Summit, April 12 and 13, 2019, we will be doing mediation exercises surrounding feeling safe, connected and satisfied.

To find out more about the Fit Mind Fit Body Summit, please go to goadventuremom.com and click on Summit.


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