Jen Lumanlan from Your Parenting Moj

Podcast: How Having Kids Adds to Adventure with Jen Lumanlan

Jen Lumanlan from Your Parenting Mojo

Today’s guest is Jen Lumanlan from Your Parenting Mojo. Once she became a parent, Jen admits that she had no parenting instinct and therefore decided to go back to school to get a master’s degree in psychology with a focus on child development. She started the Your Parenting Mojo podcast when she graduated to discuss scientific research that’s related to parenting and childhood.

Jen describes herself as “a person who loves to go backpacking and hiking who’s also a parent,” and shares some stories from her travels. One of these stories involves a brutal injury that Jen sustained and her realization that no one was going to rescue her, bringing Kathy to relate this to life in general. Jen wanted to continue hiking despite being a mother and, because of this desire, she was able to bring her daughter on a hike in Switzerland when she was just 8-weeks-old.

It took a lot of planning, and we get to hear about the challenges that the situation involved. With her daughter now being 4-years-old and not as easy to carry, the two have shifted into other outdoor activities that are more suitable.

With all this experience that Jen has amassed, she provides advice to parents who want to spend more time outside with their children.











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