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Podcast: Hike It Baby with Shanti Hodges

The owner of Hike It Baby, Shanti Hodges, is our guest for this episode. She always been an outdoorsy person but when she got pregnant at age 40, she was worried that her time outside would be limited from then on. Shanti began connecting and hiking with mothers in her area, an activity that quickly gained traction.

Hike it baby

She began focusing more on organizing these meet ups because she saw a need to bring like-minded parents together. Thus, Hike It Baby was founded. Shanti gives insight into the conversations that happen during hikes that help parents receive advice from one another while getting much-needed exercise. We also hear about some of the challenges that the organization has faced and how Shanti measures success through online channels. Building on this, she talks about what her goals for the organization are that she wants to achieve by the year 2020. Shanti then shares tips regarding what mindset to have when getting started towards having an active lifestyle through hiking and what aspects to look for when choosing equipment.









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One thought on “Podcast: Hike It Baby with Shanti Hodges

  1. This is fantastic! As a working mom, Hike It Baby has really allowed me to connect with other families who wish to be outside.

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