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Today, we welcome Talese Fernbach back to the podcast to speak about the new project that she and Kathy will be collaborating on. Talese woke up one morning thinking of Kathy, so she contacted her to talk about creating something that would ignite nature, empowerment, awakening, and awareness for moms. Of course, Kathy said“let’sdo it!” The next step for Talese and Kathy was to conduct a survey to determine what busy moms needed. When asking moms what their biggest challenges were, feeling out of shape and lack of self-care were the top answers. This led Kathy and Talese to create the Fit Mind Fit Body summit.
The program encompasses the idea that there is no separation from mind and body. This is because Talese believes that other health and wellness programs never look at the mental component. She discusses the three driving forces that are behind feeling in-shape: the relationship with your food, the relationship with your workout program, and the relationship with your body. The program also emphasizes the aspects of being a mom, which is another factor that is often ignored by health programs.
The Fit Mind Fit Body summit will be April 12-13 in Salt Lake City. Additionally, there will be three Facebook challenges beforehand in January, February, and March. Kathy ends the podcast by talking about the schedule for the summit and what to expect in the coming months.

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