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Podcast Announcement: 365 Mile Challenge Coach Michelle Tucker

365 Mile Challenge Coach

Michelle Tucker from The Strong Mama joins us for this episode. She is a mother of two, lives in Colorado, and is a part-time trainer. She started her own business to work specifically with moms both pre- and post-partem. She felt that this path found her because right after she received her certification to become a trainer, she found out she was pregnant with her first child. Because of the need that Michelle sees for moms to stay active, Kathy talks about how she was unable to exercise for a year after giving birth to her third child because of a bladder prolapse.

Michelle too had this happen after her second child, so she talks about how she was unsatisfied with the advice from her physician but was very impressed with the recommendations she got from physical therapists. Michelle then began to educate herself on the musculoskeletal system and now aims to educate all mothers on the changes it goes through during motherhood. She also talks about complications she had when starting to run again a few months after giving birth. Michelle will be an accessible trainer for the 365 Mile Challenge and shares what she hopes to accomplish with participants.

We then hear some advice from Michelle about one thing we can do today to improve strength and about the variety of great exercises that exist. She finishes by telling us about her new online programs that will be launching soon.












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