Motherhood – a powerful force for good

Motherhood – a powerful force for good

Being a mama is one of life’s greatest joys. The life of a mother can be incredibly busy, however that is what makes it so fulfilling. Chauffeur, nurse, teacher, counselor, and friend, are all just a handful of the titles that come along with being a mother. But the most important role you will play in your child’s life is a powerful force for good. You are responsible for leading your kiddo in the right direction.



One of the secrets to living a good life is being honest to all. Dishonestly can lead to a schlue of problems, which can in turn ruin relationships, friendships, and even future employment opportunities. It is important to use your powerful force to show your children the importance of being honest, even if it means getting into trouble from time to time. After all, not being honest will most likely lead to even more issues.



The ability to do things without being asked is what integrity is all about. Whether your kiddo notices that there is a mess on the floor that needs cleaned up, or they notice someone lose a dollar bill from their pocket at the grocery store, integrity is what will help define them. Will they choose to walk right on by, or do the right thing by cleaning up that mess, or handing the dollar bill back to the person at the store? To help teach this, ask your kiddos how they would feel if they were the one who lost something at the store. Would they like the item returned if someone noticed it? Absolutely! Doing the right thing does not always need gratification from others.


There are so many opportunities to show kindness throughout each and every day. Showing kindness could be as simple as saying hello to a new face at school, holding a door open for a stranger, or sharing a snack with a friend who forgot theirs. Being kind to others, no matter the circumstances, can not only brighten someone’s else day, but also your own child’s.


The best way to use your powerful force of a mother, for good, is to lead by example. Kiddos learn by example, and often mimic mom and dad. So treat others the way you wish to be treated, and speak to others the way you wish to be spoken to.

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