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Meet the Northern Arapaho Tribe

Meet the Northern Arapaho Tribe

It’s not everyday you get to eat dinner at a Casino and watch a tribe perform. However, my family and I were recently able to do this and it was amazing. The Northern Arapaho Tribe has a special place in my heart.

Background of the Northern Arapaho Tribe

There are two bands of the Arapaho Tribe. The Northern Tribe and the Southern Tribe. The Arapaho Native Americans are well known for living on the plains of Wyoming and Colorado. According to Wikipedia “Since 1878, the Northern Arapaho have lived with the Eastern Shoshone on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming and are federally recognized as the Arapahoe Tribe of the Wind River Reservation.”


Dress of the Arapaho Tribe

What was really cool was to see the traditional dress of the Arapaho Tribe. Of course, many years ago, the women made the clothing. You would find them making clothes out of whatever they could find, which was mostly elk, deer, or even buffalo. The traditional dress of the Arapaho women was moccasins, a dress, and knee length leggings. The men of the tribe would wear a skirt or even a breechcloth. You would oftentimes see the Arapaho male warriors wearing necklaces.


Wind River Hotel & Casino

Where we got to see this amazing tribal dance was at the Wind River Hotel & Casino. Here you will find a casino, dining, shopping and much more. It’s a very well built casino and I could spend hours there looking around. They also have special events going on, so make sure you check those out. We loved this wolf hat our youngest picked out.

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