Hidden Gem: Thermopolis, Wyoming

Thermopolis, Wyoming

Traveling through Wyoming has been very exciting. One of my favorite stops was Thermopolis, Wyoming. Seeing this corner of this world was an exciting part of our travels. Here are some of the things we enjoyed visiting in Thermopolis.

Lots of Activities

Because of where Thermopolis is located, there are plenty of activities to participate in. You know our family loves to stay active, which is why squeezing in as many activities as possible is important. Just think, there are family friendly activities, along with golfing, rafting, fishing, arts, and even other annual events to check out.

Home of the Hot Springs State Park

Our family has always been attracted to state parks, which is why we had to check out Hot Springs State Park. This state park is interesting in so many ways because of the Hot Springs. Yes, there is a free bath house in which you can enjoy the 104 degree water. It’s been known to soothe those aches and pains away. Instead of cold water cascades, you will find hot water cascades.

These hot water cascades elegantly flow down Rainbow Terraces and even right along Bighorn River. Many people believe that the area’s mineral springs harbor healing properties. You can discover how these amazing Hot Springs were formed over the years, right here.  Getting up close and personal with Big Springs is amazing and where all the action is happening. It’s the gateway to all the attractions in the house.


Museums to check out

You had to think that there was going to be a museum with all the fancy history of this place and you’re right. It’s called Hot Springs County Museum and it offers to much. You can explore here with the family for hours. The old west truly comes to life here. There is an amazing display of rocks and minerals. You’ll also find prehistoric artifacts and various fossils. Make sure you check it out, a perfect place to “play” with the kids.

Watch the Bison Herd

Another reason Thermopolis is so popular is the fact that you can see a bison herd without going to Yellowstone. Of course, Bison are wild animals, so don’t get too close, but this is the closest you are going to get to Bison.


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