Gratitude from the Inside Out

How to Have Gratitude from the Inside Out

Talese Fernbach returns as a guest for this episode. Talese, along with Kathy, is hosting the Fit Mind Fit Body summit in Salt Lake City in April. Talese talks about how organizing the event. Then they jump into today’s topic: Gratitude.

Focus on the internal

The discussion begins with Talese asking Kathy about how often she focuses externally rather than internally. We learn that gratitude starts from within.

Kathy talks about encouraging her kids to say what they are thankful for. Talese outlines a process that all parents can use to help their kids recognize these things.

With Thanksgiving coming up, Talese describes what Thanksgiving dinner looks like in her home and then speaks to how gratitude and compassion are interconnected.


Kathy then asks for more recommended activates to do with kids for them to learn about gratitude. Talese informs us of a special activity that she used to do with her kids around Thanksgiving.

She then talks about what people who don’t feel like they are worthy of gratitude can do to address this, such as journaling.

Simple pleasures

We also learn about how to further blossom gratitude within ourselves and the baby steps that can be taken. Kathy mentioning the simple pleasures she is thankful for after returning from camping.

Talese shares a challenge that can be done to help achieve happiness that will be performed at the upcoming Fit Mind Fit Body summit.










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