In the world of parenting, the feeling of being lost is often because we never truly found ourselves to begin with. We haven’t obtained our personal “grounding” pillars to go out and expand into the world of parenting with.

 Let’s face it, one of the most time consuming and all-consuming jobs in the world is parenting.

Newborn babies are some of the most helpless creatures on the planet.

By becoming a parent, we have signed a contract that will never become dissolved. We are forever consumed by a love that we can honor, despise, embrace, repel and become enriched or entrenched by all at the same time.  


Whether in preparation for parenting or while in the midst of parenting, it’s important to get our mindset surrounding parenting in a positive and productive space.

In order to do that, it’s important to take a look at ourselves in the context of this role as a parent. Our current beliefs, expectations, values, feelings and mindsets associated with parenting need to be addressed.

This is done through the development of a “Mom or Parenting Philosophy”. The philosophy will keep us on track as a parent, provide us guidance and confidence as the years go by. It also lets our children and partner know “who” we are as a parent.


The development of a parenting philosophy is an extension of ourselves, it’s about us, helps us to connect to our children and them to us. It gracefully and flawlessly focuses our life with theirs by consciously transferring a little part of us onto them.  

To define philosophy, it’s the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality and existence.

The development of a parenting philosophy provides self- knowledge and knowledge to our children, a blending of perceived realities and a co-mingling existence between us and our children.      

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A parenting philosophy helps parents understand their beliefs, values, expectations, feelings and mindsets towards parenting.

If that’s not understood about ourselves in relation to parenting, we and our family don’t have access to those “grounding” pillars and will become lost.

In the development of a parenting philosophy, we will discover and understand who we are as a parent, in the context of being a parent, so we can clearly and precisely pass that philosophy onto our family.

Internal Expansion

We need to experience internal expansion to provide an effective, insightful and empowering parenting philosophy.

We need to find ourselves, so our children can find us! At the Go Adventure Mom Empowerment Summit coming April 12 and 13, 2019, participants  will develop a full parenting philosophy during one of our fun, interactive and empowering workshops!

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