Lander, WY

Visit Lander, Wyoming

Visit Lander, Wyoming

Throughout our trek through Wyoming, we were able to spend some time in a town called Lander. This town caught our attention, just as every other town in Wyoming. I think what gets me the most about this state is the history that lies here. It’s truly amazing. Here are some of the things we saw and experienced while in Lander, Wyoming.


Sinks Canyon State Park

You know my love for state parks, so we had to spend some time in Sinks Canyon State Park. This rugged canyon is at the base of a beautiful set of mountains. So, you better believe there is a lot of beauty to see and explore. There are birds and wildlife in this area that you can just stare at for hours. I’ve been to a lot of state parks, but this is one of my favorites. The river, fish, and bright blue sky make Wyoming one of my favorite states to visit.


Educational Activities

Like most state parks, Sinks Canyon has educational activities that families can get involved in. Sinks Canyon Junior Ranger (recommended ages 6-12) can sign up at the Visitor Center during the summer.


Other Activities

If you’re going to spend some time in Sinks Canyon State Park, there are some things you’ll want to see and do.Here were some of our favorite activities.

  • Hiking
  • Fishing
  • Climbing
  • Scenic Drives

Popo Agie

I explained some of the beauty of the Sinks Canyon State Park in PoPo Agie. What also made this part of our trip beautiful was PoPo Agie. The Popo Agie Falls Trail was something we wanted to spend time doing. The Popo Agie River helps make these waterfalls come to life. The falls make up a series of different cascades, it is simply beautiful. When you’re hiking these trails, make sure you have sturdy shoes and plenty of water to bring with you.


As you can see, while in Lander, Wyoming, Sinks Canyon State Park allows you to spend days there. The mountains, waterfalls, and trails kept us busy for hours. Lander is such a unique location because it’s named after the explorer Frederick W. Lander. Here are some other amazing places to check out while in Lander.

  • Museum of the American West
  • Lander City Park
  • Wild Horse Sanctuary




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