. Tips that all solo female travelers swear by

Staying safe on the road: Tips that all solo female travelers swear by

Staying safe on the road: Tips that all solo female travelers swear by

Solo Travel Safety

You might be wondering if it really is possible for a woman to travel alone, safely. Well, the short answer is, yes. Even if you’re at a resort. Even if you’re backpacking through developing countries and even if you don’t know the local language. When travelling as a solo female, the trick to success is prioritising your safety above everything else, only then can you really thrive during your incredible journey.

Unsure of where to start? Read on for some solo traveller safety tips.

Did you get insurance?

Wait. Before you plan your journey and get too excited, you need to remember your travel medical insurance. It’s just as important as your plane ticket. Why? I hear you ask. What does travel health insurance cover exactly? Well, if you fall down and break your leg in a remote village in Thailand, you’re going to be glad you took the time to get yourself covered! Travel insurance covers your hotels, your luggage and your flights, but travel medical insurance will cover your for accidents, hospitalisation, treatments, medication and even death! So, before you read on – get yourself covered right now. Go on. Go!

Research your destination

For many, this is part of the fun of travelling! But if researching your destination feels like draining the magic out of your adventures then it’s better to be safe than sorry. The kind of research you can do include which neighbourhoods to avoid and which ones are considered safe, where the nearest medical centre might be located, the safety ratings for your accommodation, what’s public transportation like and how do you plan to get around?

All the answers to these questions will help you make the right choices whilst you’re travelling and should keep you out of trouble.

Don’t trust too quickly

When travelling, you’re going to come across other groups of like minded travellers and these meetings can often result in lifelong friendships and incredible memories. But you should exercise caution; con artists have been known to target travellers, quickly gaining their trust before robbing them in broad daylight. Being cautious doesn’t mean you’re being rude, just be sensible. If you’re just getting to know someone, think twice before you ask them to watch your bag while you nip to the toilet.

The same can be said for your sex life. Meeting new people can lead to all kinds of memorable rendezvous – but be careful and take the right precautions.

Watch your drinking

The same can be said for a night out at your local bar. But you should exercise caution even more so whilst you’re travelling alone. Dulling your senses and slowing your reaction times makes you vulnerable. So drink slowly, eat before you drink and even sip water between your alcoholic beverages. If you feel your self-control start to slip then stop. Try not to give into the pressure of keeping up with the pace of others you might be drinking with.


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