How to Create Better Insight and Understanding in Order to Preserve Cultures

How to Create Better Insight and Understanding in Order to Preserve Cultures

In an article published last week in Outside Magazine titled “Stop Buying Native Inspired Designs” an important cultural question is asked. Shouldn’t the brands and designers be giving back to the communities where they got their designs from? Since our trip to visit the Wind Rivers, this question has been one in my own heart. But I don’t think it is to stop buying Native inspired designs, but instead it is about understanding and having a conversation around cultures.

In our recent podcast episode with Jason Baldes, he helped re-introduce the bison to the Eastern Shoshone tribe, he states that there needs to be more understanding within all of our cultures.

When was the last time you took the time to understand the cultures that aren’t yours? When it comes to preserving cultures, it takes more than just the people of the culture, it takes better insight and understanding. In order to preserve the cultures of the world, we all need to be a little more understanding and ready to educate ourselves. Here is how to create better insight and understanding in order to preserve cultures.


Don’t be afraid to study other cultures

Cultures don’t just appear out of nowhere. They have been cultivated over the years. However, they can vanish in no time if they aren’t preserved and appreciated. One way to preserve cultures is to study them. If you’re curious about a certain culture, grab a book or do research on the Internet. You may surprised yourself as to what you can learn.


Make sure you take the time to travel more

Cultures are important and they make the world a better place. You can create a better understanding by traveling more. If you live in Indiana and never leave the state, you will never be able to understand other cultures. When you’re around other cultures and immerse yourself in them that is when you learn and appreciate them.


Don’t be afraid to talk to someone from another culture

Another really good tip for preserving cultures is by talking to someone of another culture. You can do all the research you want, but you will really learn best when you actually talk to someone of that culture. You never know what you’ll learn or what they’ll teach you. Go ahead and don’t be shy about talking to someone of a different culture.

Understanding your own culture

Take the time to understand your own culture. Your culture is your values, morals, and what you believe. If you feel as though you should have the right to what you believe, then so should other people. Tolerance is a big part of helping to preserve other people’s cultures. Tolerance works from both sides to ensure everyone has a chance to think and believe what they want. When one is sound with their own beliefs, they’re more willing to understand and help preserve other cultures.


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