Fun Filled Fall Activities for Kids Outdoors

Fun Filled Fall Activities for Kids Outdoors


The air is crisp and temperatures are dropping. We know you are looking to have a few more adventures before you dig out your winter gear. Here are a few suggestions.


Adventure and Spooky Exploration


Take a drive, or better yet, take a hike up one of our many beautiful canyons. I recently spent a lovely afternoon hiking to Dog Lake. A moderate hike, Dog Lake Trail is well-maintained and, on most days, has a steady stream of hikers and their canine companions. In addition to the wagging tails, the hike provided an incredible amount of golden splendor with red and orange accents. Other locations in Millcreek and Big Cottonwood Canyon are also prime for leaf peeping.

M. Morris

In addition to leaves, Utah has no shortage of pumpkin patches and corn mazes. You can find one in nearly every part of the valley. You can roam through the pumpkin patches and pick your pumpkins out to carve. Last year, my family had a great time exploring Petersen Family Farm’s Pumpkin Patch.

M. Morris

Depending on the age of your children, you may want to venture out for a spooky wagon ride or even a haunted house. There are still tickets available in October for the Sleepy Hollow Wagon Ride. If your family is more daring, here is a list of haunted houses throughout the valley. 



You don’t have to leave your house to experience fall. While you are doing yard work and raking up all those leaves, make a maze or labyrinth out of them. Leave a big pile beneath a slide. Take a nature walk and collect leaves to make a leaf candle jar.

Once the leaves start falling, your trees might look a little bare. Collect some pine cones, slather them in peanut butter, suet, or shortening that is mixed with oats or cornmeal. Spread the mixture in the open areas of the pine cone. Hang it in your trees and watch your new feathered friends enjoy.

And while you are enjoying pumpkin spice lattes and carving pumpkins, why not spread the pumpkin love with the birds? Cut a pumpkin in half. Scoop out the seeds, leaving a hollow inside. Use sticks in the pumpkin to create perches for birds. Knot some rope together at the center and put the knot at the bottom of the pumpkin. Use the other ends to hang the pumpkin in a tree. Fill with birdseed and grab your binoculars for the show. This feeder is an excellent way to use an extra pumpkin after the Halloween festivities are over.

We hope you find some of these suggestions useful. Whether you venture out or stay close to home, there are plenty of fall activities to enjoy. Share your favorite pumpkin patch with us in the comments below!



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