Boy-zshan Bi-den Bison Return to the Eastern Shoshone Tribe in the Wind Rivers

Boy-zshan Bi-den Bison Return

Today’s guest is Jason Baldes, a member of the Eastern Shosone Tribe. The main topic is re-introducing the bison to Wind River, a reservation in Wyoming which Kathy’s family recently travelled to. Bison have been a key part of Native American life for thousands of years. The bison were hunted to near extinction in the 1800’s.

Jason tells us about how the bison used to be plentiful but were later encouraged to be hunted to eliminate the food source of indigenous people. It was Jason’s father, now a former biologist, who started the movement to re-introduce the bison to the reservation.

A controversial process over the years, Jason speaks to what he learned from his father taking those first steps and the importance of doing the right thing. He then shares the events that have happened since ten bison were placed on the reservation in late 2016 along with the relevance of the animal in the state of Wyoming as a whole. Finally, Jason informs us of what we can do to help the bison and encourages people to visit Wind River.









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