7 Health Signs You Are Sleep Deprived & How to Fix It

7 Health Signs You Are Sleep Deprived & How to Fix It

Sleeping outside is a habit you’ve adopted for a long time now. Maybe it comes as a result of camping or traveling to adventurous sites. It reaches a point where you can’t associate yourself with indoors.

You have been addicted to nature and all it has to offer, and there are no chances of you quitting any time soon. However, your schedules collude with your rest, and you find yourself giving more focus on other activities.

You sleep for only a few hours or skip sleep most of the time; this could be detrimental to your health with the probability of bringing long-term illnesses. It, therefore, becomes necessary to highlight the early signs that will definitely point back to your poor sleeping habits and tips on how to curb this.

  • Poorer Power of Recall

Have you been caught in an untidy situation where you’re working on some files then after a short lunch break, you totally don’t remember where you put them! Poor memory is a major result of deprived sleep, especially if you’re not under the influence of any drug.

  • Decreased Libido

Do you find yourself not in the mood anymore? You probably have the Rest Right Mattress and the perfect mate, but you’re just not up for it, even though you were very active before? Guess what, you probably are being too mean on your poor soul, limiting the rest you used to get. Take it easy; it can be fixed.

  • Instability

You have a great body – a fit one for that – but lately you haven’t had much balance over it. Your legs get shaky and you find it more comfortable seated than standing or walking, even when you’re as sober as a horse. You got it right. I don’t need to tell you what you’re lacking.

  • Growling Tummy

Lack of sleep also brings about abnormal hunger. How? When the brain fails to derive much-needed energy from rest, it tries to have that compensated in the form of increased appetite. You, thus, will continue eating even after being full. The chemical signals are unstable thus giving your brain false information. In the long run, you tend to add extra weight which you’re most definitely not proud of

  • Mood Swings

As your mind becomes more unsettled due to insufficient rests, you find yourself throwing unusual tantrums and getting all moody like an adolescent. Go easy on yourself; take a moment to reflect on your nighttime schedule.

  • General Sickness

Curtailing the required amount of sleep is a major contributor to most sicknesses. Your body defense mechanism is generally lower when your body is maximized elsewhere most of the time. It thus becomes easy for diseases to creep their way in.

  • Indecisive

Lately, you don’t have your priorities right. You find yourself making sloppy decisions and having poor time management skills. Your creativity levels are also at an all-time low, but you generally seem to be fine health-wise. You most definitely are overworking your brain which is costing you your reasoning abilities. This becomes costly to your general performance during the day.

If you need help getting to sleep, consider Hapbee, an augmentative wearable device that lets you control your mood to help you unwind and drift off. The Hapbee band uses low-energy magnetic fields to signal to your brain a range of different moods, which can be controlled via an app. These moods include sleepy and relaxed, helping you to get a better handle on your moods and improve your sleep. Follow Hapbee on Instagram to discover how it’s helped others manage those sleepless nights.

Health experts recommend at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep for adults – to be on the safe side, let’s lean on the upper scale. With a good 8 hours sleep on quality mattresses that suit your sleeping design, you can rest easy with an assurance of good health. Wondering how to choose a mattress that’s good for you? Consult guides from credible reviewers such as topmattress.com. All in all, don’t aggravate your condition in the name of work or full schedules; you are your first priority after all. Get some sleep!

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