3 Incredible Ways Yoga Will Help You Sleep

A national survey was done with over 90% of the individuals reported using yoga for wellness. More than 55% of the surveyed participants reported better sleep as a result of regular yoga sessions. Yoga, which originally started in India, is now more accepted as a form of self-medication and healing among the Westerners. With such large numbers accepting and embracing yoga, there is no doubt how powerful a tool it can be – especially one to boost our daily sleep.

Nevertheless, to do amazing yoga, one must understand some basics of yoga. Understanding different yoga poses becomes crucial – one can incorporate the combination that best suits them.

Certain positions are befitting especially to women. These include:

  • Wide-Knee child’s pose
  • Standing forward bend
  • Standing half forward bend at the wall
  • Reclining bound angle
  • Legs up the wall
  • Corpse pose
  • Legs on a chair pose

Having looked at the different positions applied in yoga, let’s see how it can be used to induce sleep:


  • Stretching Leading to Exertion


Yoga is an exercise session by all rights. Stretching constantly will lead to physical exertion and tiredness. Not only do your muscles open up, but they are also more active, giving you a more agile body. Your muscles aren’t the only things that are opened up. The respiratory system works faster as your breaths increase with each exertion. Not only is it strengthened in the process, it also brings about better tissue perfusion and more oxygen saturation. There is also mental exertion as more energy is used up. All these factors brought together form the perfect dose for a long, undisturbed, and deep sleep.


  • Less Stress, Better Mental Performance


You most likely know yoga is used to reduce tension and stress. According to a review of Puffy, increased stress levels will generally hinder us from having a great sleep. The vice versa holds true; lack of amazing sleep will definitely increase your stress levels making you moody.

Yoga is used to cleanse the mind and release negative energies. This leaves behind a cool-calm sensation on the part of the participant. Coupled with the relaxing music that tends to characterize yoga sessions, it can most definitely assure one to shut off especially if done before sleep.

Since yoga boosts blood flow, the nervous system isn’t left behind. With proper blood circulation in the brain, glands responsible for sleep are generated and released. The mind also tends to be at its utmost best when yoga is followed by a long night’s rest.


  • Minimized Toxins


As we said, yoga exerts both the mind and the body. As a result, toxins and waste are released especially in the form of sweat. A clear and clean body results in improved body functioning and processes. Body systems such as respiratory system, muscular systems, circulatory process, nervous system as well as the skeletal systems are generally optimized. When the body is not straining to perform different functions, it becomes much easier to put it in a ‘relaxed state’ in the form of sleep.

Moreover, toxins in the form of stress and worries are better let out during yoga sessions. No need to go to bed thinking about the losses made during work or the failed relationship. Life will always be filled with mishaps, hence, yoga comes into the picture as the perfect purification method.


Deeper sleep goes a long way to improve our health. It cements our immune system, nourishes our digestive processes giving us just the right amount of appetite, betters our memory and enhances our cognition levels. It also goes a long way to raise our damp emotions and sets us on a happy course. Having better moods and waking up energized and ready to face a new day falls under Puffy mattress top objectives of a proper sleep.

The need for great sleep is, therefore, more than evident. Why not gift yourself this on a daily basis, with a good yoga session to fully stamp its effects?


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