What you should know about hoverboards

If you are looking to have fun with your kids, then there are myriads of options out there – hiking, cycling, swimming and…hoverboarding! Hoverboards are self-balancing scooters that I personally got obsessed with after watching Back to the Future 2.Remember Marty McFly using one of those in 2015? Yeah…if only they could be real for real! The modern version of a hoverboard came about only a few years ago.

They are super fun to play with and kids love them.“What could possibly go wrong?”, – you might wonder. I personally reviewed more than 50 self-balancing scooters and discovered the same issue all over and over again…Safety!

Hoverboards go on fire, explode and can cause a significant damage to property. Even though there is never a 100% guarantee, there are still quite a few things that you can do in order to help protect those you love the most – your family and kids – from a potential disaster.

Here are the 3 things I urge you to do before you actually go for a purchase:

First, make sure the hoverboard you are buying is compliant with UL 2272. This is a very important safety standard, which was created specifically for hoverboards.

Second, try not to leave a hoverboard unattended.

Quite a few fires started during the charging phase (these hoverboards were lacking UL 2272 though).

Third, check for recalls at https://www.cpsc.govThis government body tries its best to keep the public aware of all the problems that hoverboards caused in the past…so that they won’t happen in the future.

And here is the infographic that will help you to capture the above (plus a few extra) in a snapshot.

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