Top 5 Minneapolis Activities for Toddlers

If you can make it past the 9 months of dark and frigid winter (well almost 9 months), you can find a wealth of fun and family friendly things to do in Minneapolis.  Even though I grew up in Minnesota, when I thought to bring my family and 2 year old to the city, I wasn’t sure what to do.  Here were our top adventures:

  1. Any lake!  It is called the land of 10,000 lakes and there is nothing better than a swim and beach time on a hot Minnesota day.  We went to Lake Elmo Park Reserve Swimming Hole.  The ideal warm beach with miles of wildlife reserve surrounding it.
  2. Minnehaha Falls and Park.  My daughter clearly loves water, waterfalls and toddler friendly trails near the river = double win!
  3. Edinborough Park – there is a reason why parents in Minnesota can survive the long winters in which being outside for more than 10 minutes puts kids at risk for frost bite.  This four story playground, filled with cargo nets and trees to climb is ideal for active, indoor play.
  4. Hyland Play Area – looking for an epic outdoor playground on a nature reserve?  Look no further than Hyland Play Area.  This massive playground, in a secluded park of the city is great for moving from trail to tunnels.
  5. St. Paul Zoo- while I have mixed feelings about zoo’s in general, the St. Paul zoo is an exception for me.  The zoo has very few animals and huge areas for them to roam free.  You can also find an open area to walk near kangaroos!  

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