Adventures in Potty Training

Hi Adventure Moms!

July marked the beginning of a new journey for my family…potty training!  As expected with any non-eager two year old, the first two weeks of potty training were filled with messes, tears and at-home happy hours for mom and dad.

Luckily two weeks in we were able to go out to playgrounds, grocery stores and libraries.  I am now eager to make the next step back to the trails and creeks.  I had my first mishap with this at the creek near my house.  We were looking for the post rain worms that dig into the dirt by the creek. Hands dirty and feet wet from the mud, she says, “I have to go potty.”  I know it will take five minutes to get back home and 5 seconds before she is peeing herself.

As any nature mom might do, I looked around and saw no one.  I pulled down her pants and held the bottom of the pants up to avoid her peeing on herself.  I told her to pee and she perfectly pees in her shoes….With an adventurous heart, I am openly looking for comments and a GAM facebook discussion, how does anyone “potty train” in nature?

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