Visit Family Friendly Riverton Wyoming


When we were in Riverton, Wyoming, it was such an amazing sight. I loved the drive and seeing the plains and mountains in the distance. I was surprised that this area only a short 5-6 hour drive from Salt Lake City. Our first stop in Wind River Country was Riverton. 


We met with Wind River‘s liaison Casey and ate at the Trailhead Restaurant. It gave us a chance to get our bearings on the town, learn a little more history about where we were and ask questions.

Trailhead restaurant Riverton, WY

My kids fell in love with Casey and gave her hand drawn pictures and hugs.

Getting to know the Wind River region was a huge highlight. I loved the history of this town and everything it offers. It really is a merger of old and new. It was really fun to visit this area because our oldest son has been studying the Oregon Trail in his fourth grade class. They have been talking about the Rendezvous and would play a game and get points for wearing clothing from the time period. Here’s a picture of our son as “Doctor Albert Smith”. Because of this experience, it made Pioneer history stand out a lot more for him than I think it would have otherwise. 


Here’s why you’ll want to visit Riverton, Wyoming.


Bridger-Teton National Forest

Now this is a national forest you’ll want to check out. It’s noted as the 3rd national forest outside Alaska. You also know how much I love national parks and the impact they have on the world. If you’re ever in Riverton, Wyoming, make sure you check out the Bridger-Teton National Forest. It’s just a short drive to Boysen State Park. We’ll share more about our camping experience at Boysen in a future post. 


Wind River Heritage Museum

Checking out history is always a plus of mine! You better believe we visited the Wind River Heritage Museum, while we were in Riverton, Wyoming. This is a place in which you can see Wyoming wildlife and western history from the 1800’s.


1838 Rendezvous

I love that in Riverton, Wyoming, this event in history is such a big deal. The 1838 Rendezvous was a place where trappers and mountain men sold their furs. In 2018, there is still a 1838 Rendezvous Association where they keep this history alive, it’s pretty cool and worth checking out.



Want to see history up close and personal? You’re going to love Riverton, Wyoming because Sacajawea has a great history here. There is actually a Sacajawea Cemetery that you can check out outside of Riverton in Fort Washakie. She was not only a person of history, but she was an interpreter and a legend. She guided Lewis and Clark as they made their voyage across North America. Make sure you stop by and visit the Eastern Shoshone Tribal Cultural Center as well.

As you can see, Riverton Wyoming has a lot of rich history attached to it. If you’re ever in town there are these historical events and landmarks to check out, plus more!










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