Update on Colin O’Brady + Giveaway from Standard Process

Last week we shared Colin O’Brady’s story of overcoming adversity and climbing the highest peaks in each state

We are happy to report that this past Friday night and early Saturday morning, Colin O’Brady successfully climbed Kings Peak. The ascent started at 11:30 PM on Friday night. The total climb took about 10 hours. He is nearly finished  in the process of climbing the 50 tallest peaks in the USA. How awesome is that?


Colin’s example has really motivated me to be more aggressive in my fitness endeavors. He’s an inspiration to many. He’s worked hard to get where he is, so it only makes sense that he’s so encouraging to others.


As moms it’s hard to focus and do everything that needs to be done. Seeing Colin hard at work and knowing his story, has been motivating to me. Finding time to get outdoors and explore and find our own fitness journey is so important. While our fitness journey may not look like Colin’s, it’s important to get out and move around as much as we can. Of course, involving our kids in the process is even better.

I have shared this story with my kids and they are just as encouraged and moved by Colin as I am. The 50-state high point challenge is something everyone should follow.



Want to win some fun stuff? You can win this Veggie Complete Pro, an insulated tote bag, a salad bowl and a shaker bottle, all from Colin’s nutritional supplement partner, Standard Process. Sign up here.

Keep in mind that Standard Process whole food supplements can be an important part of your journey. Make sure you continue to follow Standard Process and Colin on Instagram to see him complete the 50-state high point challenge next week for the world record! You won’t want to miss it.


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