Podcast: National Parks of the USA with Kate Siber

National Parks of the USA with Kate Siber

Kate Siber is the author of National Parks of the USA, a beautiful, large-format, fully illustrated book which looks at national parks across the USA. It earned the title of #1 New Release in Children’s Camping Books on Amazon!

After sharing about how she got into writing as a kid, Kate tells us all about the book and what’s inside, including some stories about park history.

National parks belong to all of us and we should all take pride and feeling that we own a small piece of them.

In writing this book, Kate hopes to get kids excited about national parks, nature, and beyond, giving them a new perspective.

Kate also shares some tips for your next trip to a national park, and details on a giveaway where you can win a national parks & federal recreational lands annual pass or a National Parks of the U.S.A print from illustrator Chris Turnham, featuring an original illustrated map of the United States.






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