Meet Colin O’Brady July 14 up Kings Peak

Meet Colin O’Brady July 14 up Kings Peak

UPDATE 7/13/2018 3:00 PM MST: 

Colin is scheduled to arrive at the King Peaks parking lot tonight (FRIDAY) and will hike through the night. The hike is except to take about 10 hours. Feel free to join him tonight or at the trail head after his decent.


What if you could meet someone that would change your life in a good way? Meet Colin O’Brady, Colin O’Brady was raised in Oregon and spent a lot of his childhood exploring mountains. As he got older, he loved to travel. During one of his travels, he suffered from a bad burn accident. He overcame adversity and wants to share his journey to peak health with those around him.

Introducing Standard Process, they are sponsoring endurance athlete Colin O’Brady and also helped him prepare his body to tackle one of his most rigorous experiences yet. Colin has challenged himself to climb the 50 highest peaks in the USA in less than 30 days – the current world record is 41 days. His 50 state high point challenge attempt started June 27 and Colin is on track to climb Kings Peak in Utah on July 14th. It’s an exciting time for Colin and all who are supporting him across the country. Follow @StandardProcess on Instagram to get live updates of Colin’s journey.

Meet Colin!

On July 14th join us to meet up with Colin O’Brady. You can walk a mile with him. Take a picture with him or gather with him at the trailhead. There are lots of opportunities to mingle with Colin. At the end of the day, we’re all celebrating one thing and that’s to encourage others to jump start their own journey to peak health by getting outdoors!

Colin O’Brady knows what it’s like to beat the odds and this is a chance to see it firsthand. You can track Colin during his climb too. Follow Colin on Instagram @COLINOBRADY and follow #50HP or live track him here  to see when he’s scheduled to summit Kings Peak.

If you’ve ever seen Forest Gump, you can relate to Colin O’Brady. I love the movie and I feel like I’m watching it in real life when I watch Colin push himself to accomplish his personal goals. We can be there to cheer him on. I’m hoping you’ll join us on July 14th to experience all of this.

What’s Next

After Kings Peak, you can continue to cheer Colin on with the 50 state high point challenge – his last climb is scheduled for Thursday, July 19 at Mount Hood in Oregon. He and Standard Process are encouraging us all to live healthier and fuller lives. Are you ready to  jump start your own journey to a healthier and more active you?



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