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Create Your Own Custom Sunglasses

Want to rock this summer with bold colored shades?

Or maybe you want to keep it chill with traditional shades. Either way, Tifosi Optics has a custom sunglasses portal to design your very own pair of sunglasses – just in time for summer. I like these because they are affordable sunglasses so you can wear them out in the water, paddle boarding, water skiing, on the beach, or hiking.

Affordable Sunglasses

Tifosi Optics provides technically advanced eyewear to sports enthusiasts with a dedication to authenticity, affordability, and innovation. Tifosi Optics protects eyes from harsh UV rays and enhance vision in sports performance…think biking, hiking, climbing, paddle boarding, golf, and tennis.


When I got online to check out the SWANK custom sunglass portal, I was hooked. I mean, who doesn’t love something just they way they want it? The process was unusually fun. There are a wide range of frame colors, lense colors, and arm colors to choose from. The logo also changes color with different arms.

I spent a good 40 minutes trying different color combinations and saving them in my shopping cart. The only down side was the shopping cart didn’t allow me to add more than 5 custom sunglasses at a time. These are such affordable sunglasses, I wanted to get several pair.

Tifosi’s latest style, SWANK, is my favorite because they look brilliant on every face shape and they’re stylish. 

The pair of sunglasses I finally choose…well let’s just say I went for BOLD colors and lenses. I certainly stand out in a crowd.  I love the fact that people can (and do) look at themselves in my lenses.


Outdoor Performance

These sunglasses have been on hikes and on wave runners at Bear Lake, Idaho. They protected my eyes from the harsh conditions on the lake and they didn’t cost an arm and a leg. I figured, if I lost them on the lake I’d be out $50 – 70 (instead of the $230 pair I lost on the lake last year).

These are affordable sunglasses with high quality performance. For our favorite higher cost sunglasses check out our article about Switch.

Tennis Performance

I wouldn’t recommend the SWANK sunglasses for tennis. I played my USTA tennis match in them and they initially fit. However, when I got hot and sweaty they began to slip off my nose. The SWANKS were uncomfortable enough I had to take them off.

For tennis, I recommend Tifosi Optics BRIXEN (which can also be customized) or the Seek or SeekFC frames (not available for customization) 

Disclaimer: These sunglasses were given to me by Tifosi Optics to review. I have loads of sunglasses and I really don’t need another pair, so I feel like the above statements are my unbiased opinion and observations about these particular sunglasses. Just so you know :)

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