Tips for Adventuring with Kids


Tips for Adventuring with Kids


If there is one thing I enjoy in this life, it’s adventuring with my kids. Going on adventures with your kids is like a breath of fresh air. I feel as though there is always somewhere to go or someplace we have to be. An impromptu adventure soothes the soul and helps my family moving in a good way. If you like to go on adventures with kids, here are some tips to keep in mind.


Bring lots of water with you

Let’s be honest, being outside takes a lot out of you. Bringing water with you is a way to keep everyone hydrated and happy. Dehydration is a real thing, which is why this tip will be a lifesaver while you’re out adventuring with your kids.


Pack along a few snacks

Nothing makes my kids hungrier than adventuring with my kids. Taking my kids on a walk or hike guarantees that they’ll be hungry, which is why packing a few snacks is always a good idea. I bring along a few snack for myself because I get hungry too. When you’re super active, your body needs to reload in the nutrition department.

Take breaks as needed

Kids are hard to slow down, however, you’ll want to make sure everyone takes breaks from time to time. Excessive running or walking requires you to stop and rest, especially with little ones in tow. Plus, your kids may not be able to recognize when they need a break. My advice to you, while adventuring with your kids is to take breaks as needed. Even if you don’t think you need it, you the kids do!


Sun protection is a must

Yes! While out and about adventuring, the sun can be brutal. Make sure you take some time to protect yourself from the sun. Hats and light long sleeved clothing is a must, when you’re outside. Not chemical sunscreen is also a good idea.


Pack a DIY emergency kit

Something I have done for years, while adventuring with my kids, is putting together my own first aid emergency kit. When you’re out in nature, you never know what can go wrong. Sometimes the kids fall or we need an ACE™ Elastic Bandages because someone stepped on something wrong. The ACE ™ Brand has been around for over 100 years and to celebrate, we’re partnering with them to encourage families to get outdoors more.

Including ACE ™ Brand in your DIY first case is a good idea for many reasons. ACE ™ Brand is designed for everyday comfort. You can wear an ACE ™ Brand product and feel completely comfortable. Sometimes parents need a little help keeping up with those little ones. Injuries happen, but ACE ™ Brand is there to support you. Whether you have an ankle injury or a foot injury, this brand is there for you. I personally love it because you can wash it and reuse it several times and it fits my on the go lifestyle, just like it will yours!

National Get Outdoors Day

Join us and ACE ™ Brand on National Get Outdoors Day (June 9th) and National Get Outdoors Month (June) by encouraging families to spend time together outside and create lasting memories together. ACE ™ Brand has been helping families like yours and mine for over 100 years.

In celebration of National Get Outdoors Month, ACE™ Brand is excited to partner with National Geographic photographer Aaron Huey, who together with his eight-year- old son, have photographed some of the world’s most visually stunning vistas. Aaron is a great example of what it’s like to get outside with the family and involve our kids.








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