Free Mini-Challenge: Kids Moving Miles

Happy Summer! We hope you are having a great time with your kids and staying hydrated! 

As part of the 365 Mile Challenge, we’re kicking off a mini-challenge called “Kids Moving Miles!”  We’d love to have you join us!

It’s a response to parents, but most importantly, KIDS who want in too. And since our larger goal is “families outside and healthy”, we couldn’t ignore that plea AND wanted to reach as many kids as possible.

What it is:

  • A mini challenge just for KIDS to go a self-powered mile a day for a week
  • A kick-off to summer (and hopefully a boost to get out and moving!)
  • Daily emails delivered to you and your family 
  • Giveaways just for kids announced in emails (all signed up kids/families are eligible!
  • A FREE digital magazine offered to all participants



June 18 – 24


Registration is free, simply sign up here: https://www.365milechallenge.org/mini-challenges/ 


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