Fear of Shining with Talese Fernbach

Fear of Shining with Talese Fernbach

We all do a lot of things that keep us from keeping our potential and shining and going where we want to go. Do you find yourself shrinking from your own light? Do you have a fear of shining? I know I sure do.

Today’s guest is Talese Fernbach of Inner Mind Fitness. Talese is a Sport Psychology Consultant and a Mental Performance Coach. She has a Masters of Sport Exercise Psychology (MASEP), specializing in social, performance and health exercise psychology, with an additional kinesiology focus.

Talese has found her calling to assist people and corporations in reaching their performance potential. She’s an avid believer in practicing what she teaches and is constantly attending summits, seminars and online classes to keep the wisdom flowing.

When we think of exercise, most of us only think about the physical, but our mind needs to be fit, too!

Anxiety, low confidence, and negative self-talk are just some of the factors that stop us from reaching our potential and shining.

Talese tells us how we can combat this, embrace our talents and gifts, and shift from small-mind thinking to big-mind thinking.




We hope you enjoyed this episode on “Fear of Shining” with Talese. It’s something that I personally struggle with and know how hard it can be to keep your light bright when giving and serving those around you. I love Talese’s suggestion to draw your own star. We’d love to see your stars. Send them our way!

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