Podcast: Having kids only adds to the adventure

Curtis Linville: Adventure Sports Podcast

This episode is full of profound parenting advice that you can take with you on your journey raising a family.

As Kathy of Go Adventure Mom and Curtis Linville of the Adventure Sports Podcast interview each other, you’ll learn about getting your kids excited for outdoor life, why adventures don’t have to be extravagant, and the importance of simply spending time together as a family.

Getting kids outdoors

We all share the common goal of creating the next generation of kids who love going outdoors, and understanding how to adventure at a child’s level can go a long way towards achieving this! Although we may feel like a failure if our hiking day doesn’t go perfectly, a simple walk at the park can be great as well.

Curtis also explains how he came to realize that having children doesn’t mean everything has to be put on hold. There’s lots to learn from your children, and once you understand how to enter their world, you can adventure together as a family!

Kathy & Curtis also share some insightful stories, and you’re sure to take away lots of inspiration.



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2 thoughts on “Podcast: Having kids only adds to the adventure

  1. That was a fun podcast and brought back lots of memories of the adventures I took with my kids and now with my grandkids.

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