Photo credit: Melinda Jae Photography

How to keep kids happy on your next road trip


Photo credit: Melinda Jae Photography
Photo credit: Melinda Jae Photography

How to keep kids happy on your next road trip

Over Memorial Day weekend we went camping in the Wind Rivers as a guest of Visit Wyoming. We logged over 1,000 miles driving and, for the most part, the kids did well in the car. While we try to limit screen time, driving for almost 20 hours, we’ve found screens to help make our road trips a positive experience for everyone. In the last 6 weeks since purchasing our Keystone Outback Travel Trailer, we’ve logged almost 2,000 miles; from Moab to Green River, Goblin Valley, Jordanelle State Park and now to the Wind Rivers, we are refining our travel systems. When we were invited to attend a Nintendo event just before our trip, we were excited to learn about their hand held devices, specifically the Nintendo 2DS XL.


Nintendo 2DS XL 

The Nintendo 2DS XL is unlike anything we’ve ever owned before for a variety of reasons. One thing that I really like, that I would have taken for granted before our trip, is that you don’t need WIFI to play the games, like many of the apps and games on our phones. 

Photo credit: Melinda Jae Photography

The price is just right

When it comes down to buying things for the kids, we try to be aware of the usage. I don’t want to pay a lot of money for something that they may or may not use. For the price of $149.99, it is a great buy. Games can be purchased at stores like Target, Wal-Mart and Best Buy or you can purchase digital copies of games on the Nintendo eshop.

Nintendo 2DS XL Review

Versatile gaming system

We love the Nintendo 2DS XL for travel because it’s so versatile. Your kids can play games on it, but it’s more than just a gaming system.  It is capable of so many things, including, taking and editing photos, browsing the internet, and streaming videos from Hulu or Netflix. My kids love that there is a huge library of games available. We’re talking: Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda and Animal Crossing and other games like Minecraft, Pokémon, and LEGO. (I may have stolen the 2DS to play Zelda on my own ;) 

Photo credit: Melinda Jae Photography

Parental controls are a must

If your child has a gaming system, then you knowing that gaming systems are a must. You can’t just let them roam free on the World Wide Web. What really sealed the deal for allowing my kids to have the Nintendo 2DS XL was the ability to use the Parental Controls. If feel as though my kids need as much guidance as possible when they’re using gaming systems.


If you’re looking for a gaming system that’s perfect for travel, I know you’ll love the Nintendo 2DS XL. It truly has a never-ending list of features that your whole family will love. Your kids can even use the Nintendo 2DS XL to play and battle their friends via WiFi. THe fun never ends when you can take something like this on the road.




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One thought on “How to keep kids happy on your next road trip

  1. I love your travel trailer. How fun! I need to catch up with you to hear all about your Wyoming adventures. I love how you are inspiring parents to get outdoors with their kids—something I need to do a lot more of.

    My kids are beginning for a Nintendo 2DS XL after last week’s event. Glad they are reasonably priced. They will make the perfect travel gear for this summer’s travel.

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