GoPro Hero5 Black Review

GoPro Hero5 Black

Taking adventures if fun, but how do you capture all that in a fun way? The GoPro Hero5 Black is what every person needs on an adventure. Pair this with Head Strap + QuickClip and you can record all the fun stuff you do!


I like to take walks, bike ride, and even snowboard, but sometimes it’s hard to catch the action without the proper tech. The GoPro Hero5 Black has made life a little more interesting in the adventure lane.


Keep in mind that the GoPro Hero5 Black is noted as the most powerful GoPro ever. Um, that’s saying a lot because the GoPro has been out for a long while. Being able to use the GoPro Hero5 Black has been life changing in the adventure department


It’s meant to go on those rugged adventures with you. This winter we have gone snowboarding a lot, I have been excited to take videos of my snowboarding adventures and share them on social media.


You can preview and and playback shots right on the camera. This was one of my favorite parts of the GoPro Hero5 Black. Being able to look on the camera and see the action has been awesome.


There are free mobile apps you can download to enhance the Hero5 Black experience. This means you can edit quickly and automatically on the apps. If you have iOS, make sure you download Splice, so you can make those custom edits without any problems.


So, if you’re thinking of getting the GoPro Hero5 Black, you are making a good choice. My husband and I love debating on who will wear it when we’re outside on one of our adventures. I love seeing the excitement over and over again!


Grab your GoPro Hero5 Black and tell me all about the adventures you’ll be taking.


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