FitBit Ionic Review

FitBit Ionic


Being active is an important part of my life. A part of my everyday active routine is wearing my FitBit Ionic. I never thought that wearing a FitBit could challenge me so much, but it does. There are some reasons I love my FitBit Ionic and I want to share some of those reasons.


Listening to music

I don’t think there I love anything more than listening to music while i do my daily activities. The FitBit Ionic makes it to wear I don’t have to worry about bringing my phone and earbuds along. I can just listen to music as I go and I love that feature. Sometimes the right song is all it takes to get you motivated to get moving.


Get alerts right on the FitBit

I a simple kind of person. I don’t want to switch between a million different watches and phones. I’m kind of a one and done gal. The FitBit Ionic allows me to keep track of texts, calls, and even get alerts. You can also check on your favorite apps, right from the FitBit Ionic.


Love the long battery

I’m a busy mama of 3 and I don’t have time to think about charging one more device. I love that the FitBit Ionic can go almost four days without needing charged. Yes, every mom needs a FitBit that she can wear and then forget about charging for four days, seriously it’s one of the best parts of this FitBit.

  • Check your distances
  • Keep track of your heart rate
  • Record your distances
  • Records your sleep patterns


I am excited to tell you guys about the FitBit Ionic! It’s a great addition to any adventure and I’m excited to keep wearing mine. You can grab yours right here.  When it comes to being active, make sure you have the right tools on hand. I know the right tools have helped me be more consistent with being active.


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