Best Places to Eat in London

Best Places to Eat in London

Many of you know that my parents moved to London. I’m thankful for a chance to spend some time with them. We will be here for a few weeks and I’ve heard of some awesome places to eat, while in London. Here are some of the places I’m looking forward to eating at, while in London!

  • Gastronhome – An interesting name, but I’m sure it’s delicious.
  • The Ledbury – I have heard great things about this place, I can’t wait to try it out.
  • Marianne Restaurant – Watch out, Marianne, we’re coming for you.
  • The Five Fields – Sounds like a great place for my husband to enjoy.
  • The Golden Chippy – With a name like this, how can you avoid it?
  • MAMIE’S – Yes, another fun and interesting place to eat.
  • Fishers Fish & Chips– I have always loved me some fish and chips.
  • TortelliniCup London – This will probably be a favorite of my kids!
  • Zeret Kitchen – Interesting name, I hope the food is just as awesome.
  • Over Under Coffee – How awesome does this sound?
  • The Crepe Factory – I cannot wait to check this one out!


When you are in a new place, like London, you’re probably wondering how you choose a place to eat. Since my parents just moved here, there’s no way for them to have eaten at all these delicious places. However, I take their word for the restaurants that they have eaten at. I also ask the locals because they always know where the top places to eat are at in London!


Secondly, I look for a place that is kid friendly. When my kids are hungry, I want them to be able to sit at a restaurant and experience good food, just like everyone else. I’ll keep you updated on my London adventures. There are bound to be some good stories to follow this post, so stay tuned. What are some of the best places in London that you have discovered?

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