Best Hiking Boots for Women: Baffin Snosport Hiking Boot Review

Baffin Snosport Hiking Boot Review

BaffinSnosport best hiking boots for women

In search of snow, I drove up Millcreek Canyon, to try out the Baffin Snosport hiking boots.

My hike consisted of hard-packed snow, ice, mud and crossing through a few streams.


There were a few features on the Snosport boot that I loved:

  • Tread-The boot has amazing tread. I felt very confident walking through different snow conditions.
  • Waterproof-The softshell material kept my feet warm and dry.
  • Ankle support-The hiking boot was well made and supported my body and ankles.


Although I enjoyed hiking in the Snosport boot, the sizing seemed off to me.

  • Sizing- I would recommend sizing up a whole size. I tried on my usual size 8 and the boots were way too tight. After I sized up, the boot was very comfortable.

BaffinSnosport best hiking boots for women

The Baffin Snosport boots are perfect for hiking in snowy conditions because of the nice tread, ankle support and waterproof material. I can’t wait to try them snowshoeing when we have enough snow. They are also comfortable enough to wear around town on snow days. The Snosport is a great winter hiking boot for all active women.  Just remember to size up!

BaffinSnosport best hiking boots for women

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