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3 Things to Know Before Buying a Kid Bike

Three things to know before buying your kid a bike

Child Anatomy
Proper Fit

Childhood First Bikes

My first bike was a “too big for me, hand-me-down” yellow Schwinn Sting Ray “banana bike”.

It was beautiful…and it weighed a TON. Well maybe 35 pounds, but to a 10 year-old it might as well been a ton. It took everything I could muster to pull it off the ground.

Not much has changed since then, I mean, the bikes are more updated, but they still weigh a lot for kids.

Child Anatomy

We bought a couple bikes for Christmas when the twins were five. 

In order to save money during the Christmas season, we bought the bikes from Target. They were inexpensive Hello Kitty bikes in sweet pink and white frames. 

We determined the fit based on the girls weight. This was a mistake. Most kids bikes are smaller versions of adult bikes which don’t take into account a child’s anatomy.

When the snow melted and spring arrived, we took the bikes to the local school parking lot to teach them how to ride.


The bikes were so heavy (30 pounds) they were difficult for them to turn or to lift off the ground. If we equate that to adults, our bikes would weigh 180 pounds!

We also noticed it was difficult for them to pedal up the smallest hills around our neighborhood.

Even though we initially saved money, they had bad brakes, bad tires, bad components and were too clunky. We gave them to goodwill before the girls felt confident riding. 

I’ve read reviews of kids bikes on Amazon that say “It is not a light bike…but that’s what makes it sturdy.”

Well, that’s what makes them tough to ride too!

Proper Fit

Last summer, I learned about Woom kid bikes from the Snowbird Ski Resorts Outdoor Gear Fest.

Woom had shipped over a dozen bikes for the high school mountain bike team to introduce younger kids to the sport. My girls got fitted to the right bike size and huzzah! My girls confidence soared as they picked up the bikes and rode through the mountain trails.

They begged me to get them new bikes. They were hooked. 


Woom is not a large bike company. They focus solely on child/youth bikes. They know you can’t shrink an adult size bike and have correct sizes for each developmental stage. The geometry of the bike varies.

For example, the typical 3 to 4 year-old would need a bike with a low center of gravity, low seating position and no pressure on the handle bars. They need higher handle bars so they can look forward when they ride.

My partner, Kathy Dalton, interviewed the two brothers who founded Woom. Give her podcast a listen. I appreciated their advice on bike safety and how they created their child/youth bike. 

Reasons to like Woom Bikes

Upcycle Membership: It’s like an exchange program. As your child outgrows her bike, Woom refunds 40% of the purchase price of the bike towards your next purchase. This can be used multiple times as your child grows, meaning, you can buy your first bike at 1 ½ years old and upcycle until his final Woom bike at 13 to 14 years old.

Proper Fit and Lightweight: Woom bikes are only built for children ages 1 ½ to 14 years old. Kids, like women, need specialized features to fit their unique bodies. These bikes are 40% lighter weight than a conventional child’s bike AND tailor-made for children’s anatomy.

Kid Bike

Easy Assembly:  Pros assemble the bikes before they leave the site. It takes literally five minutes to assemble. 

Support Nonprofits: Woom gives back to the community. Used upcycle bikes are given to non-profits like cyclekids.org. Cycle Kids teaches bike safety, helmet safety. and promotes nutrition programs in under-served communities. 

Bike Riding Tips: Woom’s website is a wealth of information on how to teach your kids to ride a bike from balance to gear shifting. 

I know first hand, when my twins felt comfortable riding they were more excited to bikes with us. In fact, I’m in the process of purchasing the size 7 bike for my growing 10 year old.

If you want a slightly more expensive bike that will fit your child perfectly, and you want to continue using the same brand bike as they grow, then this is the perfect company for you.

What was your first bike?  

Riding Tips from Woom Bike Experts https://us.woombikes.com/pages/lets-ride

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