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How to Use Walking the Dog as Exercise

How to Use Walking the Dog as Exercise


Are you looking to get more exercise in with your dog? Walking is the perfect exercise to use with your dog. You both get out of the house, get some sun, and get to experience the city or town you live in a little more. Here is how to use walking the dog as exercise. We love walking our dog as part of the 365 Mile Challenge

In a recent study on dog walking they share the benefits of dog walking have benefits for both human and canine.


Make it a routine

Something you can do to use walking the dog as exercise is to make it a routine. Make it something that you do 5-7 days a week. You and the dog will get used to doing it. You both will get movement and will get in that exercise everyone in the family needs.


Try different walking paths

Most city sidewalks and parks are dog friendly, as long as you pick up after the dog. Map out different walking paths to try with your dog. You’ll enjoy seeing the different parts of the city. Plus, walking the same path can get super boring. You may feel more motivated to do exercise, when you get out and try different walking paths.


Take care of your dog

If you are going to use walking the dog as exercise, then you your dog should be taken care of in an extra special manner. For example, bring along water for your dog. Give your dog time to rest too. Taking extra care of your dog, will make sure you can make this a long term thing.


Get a walking buddy

Walking with your dog is one thing, but get a walking partner too. It’s even better if they have a dog. Having another person with a dog, walk with you, is like built in accountability. You know they will want to walk, so you can’t blow it off. You will want to make sure you walking through all seasons too!


Walking the dog as exercise comes down to making it a routine, getting your dog used to it, and taking extra special care of your dog. This will become a special time for you and your pet. You will bond together and get healthy together. Walking is such a great form of exercise and an incredible thing to do with your pet.

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