Kids to Parks Day

Tips for Spending the Day at the Park as a Family

Tips for Spending the Day at the Park as a Family

With a busy schedule these days, it can be hard to get the whole family to the park. The kids have sports, mom and dad have work, there is dinner, and just not enough time in the day. However, parks are what make memories, so it’s important to get the whole family to the park. Here are some tips for spending the day at the park as a family.

Put it on the schedule

Just like anything else in our lives, in order to make it happen, it has to be on the schedule. It makes sense to put a park day on the schedule. Pick a day the whole family can go to the park and make it happen. Put it on the schedule, so it really happens.

Have dinner at the park

Pack a dinner and head to the park! It’s totally acceptable to have a weekday dinner at the park as a family. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy and you can even pick something up to go. However, spending as much daylight at the park as possible is a great idea.

Let the kids lead for once

As adults, we are always busy telling the kids what we’ll do next. The truth is that they kids need a little time to decide what they want to do. Let them pick the slide or allow them to run through an empty field. Kids need time to be kids and letting them be in charge a little bit is always fun and freeing for them.

Kids to Parks Day

On May 19th, 2018 there are thousands of people celebrating Kids to Parks Day. What does this mean? Kids and families head to their local parks. This is a day to enjoy outdoor recreation as a family! You can share your experiences with others by using the hashtag #KidstoParks. This day is perfect for teaching our kids all about being outdoors and enjoying what has been given to us to take care of. Our public lands should not be taken for granted and Kids to Parks Day helps keep this dream alive.

Register to Win

Register to participate on Kids to Parks Day and be entered to win a camping package from The North Face, hiking boots from Northside USA, a Jr. Ranger package from Eastern National, or a Year of the Bird package from National Geographic!


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