Podcast: Explore Nature Play with Tinkergarten

Meghan Fitzgerald of Tinkergarten

Tinkergarten is on a mission to elevate childhood, bringing families together in a natural place in their community for classes where kids learn through play. Each class becomes a tight-knit group of children and adults who learn together through well-designed, outdoor play-based activities.

Meghan Fitzgerald co-founded Tinkergarten with her husband and is here to tell us all about it. Tinkergarten highlights the importance of outdoor play and allowing kids to direct their own play. It feels like fun, but Tinkergarten lessons are designed to help kids develop a wide range of school readiness and lifelong-learning skills.

They’re now growing and looking to expand, and currently, have a group of 1400 educational leaders! Listen in for more details on how you can get your family involved, or even join as a leader. In addition to a discussion about Tinkergarten, Kathy & Meghan have an insightful discussion about parenting roles and techniques.






Sign up:

To join a Tinkergarten class visit http://bit.ly/GATinkergartenClass

To learn more about becoming a Tinkergarten Leader visit http://bit.ly/GATinkergartenLead




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