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Best Hiking Boots for Women: A Mom’s Take on Minimalist Footwear – Xero DayLite Hiking Boot Review

Best Hiking Boots for Women

Best Hiking Boots for Women

As a Colorado mom, it is common to transition from the grocery store and children’s play dates to the outdoors.  Finding the right clothes and shoes to make the transition, while not looking grungy, can be challenging.  Luckily, Xero shoes provides an easy transition, without the clunkiness of an average hiking boot.

Best Hiking Boots for Women

Xero DayLite Hiking Boot Review

Xero shoes is a brand that focuses on connecting our feet with nature.  While “minimalist footwear” could have a facade as trendy, it is actually rooted in biomechanics.  Our feet are meant to move, bend and flex.  The average shoe with hard soles and slight heels does not allow our feet to function as they should.  Therefore, our entire body suffers from functioning with limited movement.*

Xero shoes allow our feet to function naturally.  Some of the benefits of Xero Shoes include:

  1. You can wear them right away!  No blisters while breaking them in. Since they have soft soles and fabric, I did not get the blisters I would expect from another boot.
  2. They still have amazing traction.  You would think soft soles = no traction.  I get to keep my feet healthy AND not fall on my butt in the mud! Win for this clumsy mom!
  3. Oh, the colors!  All my previous hiking boots were a dull brown/gray color that I wouldn’t want to wear out and about town.  The purple just makes my heart happy.

All of this to say, I cannot recommend Xero’s Shoes DayLite Hiker enough.  I also have owned a pair of the Z-Trek Lightweight Sport Sandal for three years.  They saved my feet and back pain throughout my pregnancy with my daughter.


*Shameless Plug & Science Reference: If you are a nerd like me, you will want to know the science behind biomechanics.  Katy Bowman has practical guides for understanding how to improve your body’s functioning.  Her podcast is great for the busy mom that doesn’t have time to read entire books.

Best Hiking Boots for Women


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