Helping Your Family Deal with Allergies

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Helping Your Family Deal with Allergies

Allergies have always been a struggle in my family. I’ve spent a good part of my life sniffling and sneezing during certain seasons. As a family who spends most of our time outdoors, this isn’t a good thing. I had to find a few ways to help us deal with our allergies, especially for my kids.

Study the allergens in your area

Every area of the United States has different allergens in the area. In fact, you can search for the Pollen forecast in your area. By knowing what you’re dealing with, allergy wise, you can help yourself prepare better. For example, in Utah we deal with ragweed, pollen, and even tree pollen. Knowing what is in the air can help me know if we need to do extra things to help with our allergies or not.


Create a wash routine that works for you

If you suffer from allergies or have a child that does, one thing you can do is create a wash routine that works for you. What does that mean? If you have come in from outside, change clothing! The longer the clothing is worn, the longer the allergens can torment a person. Remember that allergens can stick around on a person for a while. If the allergens are bad, a shower or bath can also help.

Children's Allergies

Dealing with a Child Who Suffers From Allergies

It is the hardest thing watching your children suffer from allergies. Both my children over 6 years of age deal with allergies, just like their mama. One thing we have started doing is using Claritin RediTabs® for Juniors from Walmart.


When your younger kid is dealing with lots of allergy symptoms, just know that Children’s Claritin® is a 24-hour reliever of runny nose, itchy, watery eyes, and itchy nose or throat for ages 2+. There is a reason we trust Children’s Claritin® and why it’s the #1 Pediatrician Recommended Non-Drowsy Oral Allergy Brand.


Want to save a little money? You can even get a coupon for $3 off Children’s Claritin®. Make sure you also check out the Smart Allergy Mom Toolkit® by the makers of Children’s Claritin®. This tool can help you put together a plan for your family. If you’re a mom of little ones, don’t hesitate to head to Walmart to grab a bottle of Children’s Claritin® for your family.



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