When Bringing a Puppy Home

5 Things You Should Know and Do Before Bringing a Puppy Home

5 Things You Should Know and Do Before Bringing a Puppy Home


Bringing a puppy home is an exciting thing. It’s not always as easy as you think though, especially if you have kids. There are some things you should know and do before bringing a puppy home.


#1. Train your kids for a puppy

This may sound ludacris, but kids need a little training. They need to know how to treat a puppy and what it takes to raise a puppy. Kids can be taught how to hold, feed, and pet a puppy. The earlier they learn it the better.


#2. Involve them in the process

We may not be alone in this, but we brought the kids along for the “puppy” ride. We took the kids to see the puppy at two weeks old. We also took the kids to visit the puppy at the breeder’s home as well. The kids LOVED seeing our new puppy and getting to be a part of the process.


#3. Do a few preparation tricks

You may think “how can I train my kids to bring a dog home” – well, here are some ideas.



– Be calm, watch your energy level

– Shuffle your feet, don’t wear shoes so you don’t step on the dog

– Pet the dog gently

– Be consistent with discipline



– Pull the dog’s tail

– Use the dog’s name in disciplining

– Do not yell in the dog’s ear

– Pet the dog while he/she is eating

– Scare the dog


#4. Do your research

Every home and situation is so different that you need to do your own research as well. A favorite resource of ours is CesarsWay.com. This has really helped us be good puppy owners. It’s amazing what you think you know, but don’t. After reading through some of his articles and websites, we found some valuable information that’s really helped us be the best dog parents/owners we can be.  


#5. Everything is going to be okay.

All of this may seem like a lot of preparation for a dog to come into your life, but it’s worth it. Training and talking to your kids now will save a lot of frustration later. Follow these tips and you’ll be good to go! Just remember that your puppy is going to love your family and your kids.


What would you add to this list?


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