Teaching kids about finances

Using BusyKid to Teach Kids About Money

Using BusyKid to Teach Kids About Money

My kids are getting older quickly. In fact, it’s going quicker than I ever thought it would. With this in mind, I wanted to figure out ways to teach my kids about money. Money is one of those things you don’t really think about teaching your children. However, I’ve found an incredibly good app to help kids learn how to manage their money.Introducing BusyKid…

The Basis of BusyKid

In case you don’t know what BusyKid is, I wanted to break it down for you. It’s quite simple to understand, really. Your kids can complete their chores, manage their allowance, and learn about investing their money. I told you it was quite simple to understand.

How to Use BusyKid

You may be looking at the app, wondering how you can use it and make sense of it. Well, I use it in my home and if I can figure it out, anyone can figure it out. They have videos to help walk you through the entire process. You could try and take my directions for it, but they lay it out so nicely. Implementing this chore system in our home has been a game changer. The kids are excited to do chores and they can see how much they make! Finally, my kids are starting to understand how money works.

Just the right price

I think it’s important to use money wisely, which is why we use the BusyKid app around my home. I love how they have priced everything just right too. No sense in trying to break the bank, in order to teach my kids about money. Not only can you tryout BusyKid for free, but after that it’s only$14.95 for the whole year.

All the features

In case you’re wondering what type of features are available through BusyKid, the perks are endless.

  • Establish Individual Identities
  • Enroll Entire Family
  • Set Chores Based Upon Ages
  • Easily Set Allowances
  • Parental Activity Monitoring
  • Account Balances
  • Separate Save, Share & Spend Totals
  • Automatic Friday Paydays
  • Automatic Allowance Allocations
  • Pay Bonus To Child
  • Purchase Digital Gift Cards
  • Purchase Stock
  • Digital Wallet for Cards & Stock
  • Make Easy Donations To Charities
  • Parental SMS Approvals
  • Easy Parent/Child Money Movement

You can download BusyKid right now on Android or iOS.


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