Quickly Transform Your Garden Using Fast-Growing Trees

Trees are wonderful. They look fantastic, provide shade, a home for wildlife and having them in your garden has been shown to be good for your mental and emotional health. Plus, mature trees add value to your home.

If your garden is looking a bit bare and barren planting a couple of trees can make a huge difference. Provided you choose fast-growing varieties, they will get your garden looking fantastic within just a couple of seasons.

Choose the right trees for your garden

The first step is working out which varieties will flourish in your garden. You can easily do this by using this fast growing trees comparison chart. Pay particular attention to the maximum height it will grow. You need to consider how the tree will look once it has reached maturity. Doing so is the best way to avoid choosing a variety that will end up overwhelming your garden or creating issues with your neighbor’s a few years down the line.

Create a focal point

Trees can be used in many different ways within a garden. Most people plant them to create an interesting focal point. This is a great approach because trees add drama to an otherwise boring space. They really draw the eye, especially if they have interesting foliage or blossom. Flowering cherries and ornamental pears are particularly good for this purpose.

Create shade

In a hot climate, it is always nice to have a shady spot to retire to. Lying under a shade tree feels so much nicer than trying to get away from the beating sun under a flimsy pergola or umbrella. You always feel cooler when sitting under a tree than you do under a manmade structure. It is also a great way to get closer to nature. There are several varieties of fast-growing shade tree available. Weeping willows, red maple, northern catalpa are just a few examples.

The thing to remember with this type of tree is that the canopy is going to be quiet wide and that very little if anything will grow under the branches. If you do not like gardening, shade trees can significantly reduce the growing space and cut the amount of work you do. Although, clearing up the leaves from just one big tree is a surprisingly time-consuming and labor-intensive task. The good news is that, usually, you only have to worry about this issue for a few weeks of the year.

Reduce your power bills

Good shade trees can help to reduce your power bills. They provide a great alternative to sitting in an air-conditioned room.

You can also use fast-growing trees to protect your home from the prevailing wind. Most trees from the cypress-family cope well with wind. They make it super easy to create a dense hedge that will help you to save on your heating bill.

Create a safe play area

If you have kids, setting up a swing or building them a tree-house is a great option. You can learn how to safely implement both projects by reading this post.

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